The Doves of Galata

Through you, I see more clearly a future that will serve us better. Through you, my choice of self-expression has matured. I am grateful to you for the path this has created in my life. A path leading in the opposite direction of your own, but in the place we both call home. I do not claim to be better than you, only to have other hopes for our future. A future inspired by the doves of Galata. How beautiful it is to see them fly!


Galata Bridge in Istanbul at Sunset

No matter what time of day, the bridge always seems to be packed with fishermen. Standing there, shoulder to shoulder, some of them in conversation, others silently contemplating the ripples of the world beneath them.


On the way down, I saw this couple. Gentle and loving, they were floating in a world of their own making. Unaware of my presence, I took this snapshot. Feeling guilty and happy at the same time. Guilty on account of my intrusion, happy for making the moment last. Photography is a complex field of emotion.

The Yellow Van

Fonsi, with his steady and humble attitude, has taken me to beautiful places, allowing me to fall asleep with a view of the stars, mediating encounters I would have never made, helping me to see life as an expression of opportunity and abundance.

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