The Art of Transforming a Flag

He had recognised something in German policy and its people at the time; in their attitude and priorities. Their desire to relieve suffering first and to find solutions later. In this context, therefore, for a fleeting moment, the flag had become a symbol of this universal attitude. To me, at least. And to my own surprise.


Vomvyla Loukoumi

We were welcomed by Manos, the man in this picture, with a big smile, his hands plastered with icing sugar and corn flour - the coating that helps keep the Loukoumi fresh.


On the way down, I saw this couple. Gentle and loving, they were floating in a world of their own making. Unaware of my presence, I took this snapshot. Feeling guilty and happy at the same time. Guilty on account of my intrusion, happy for making the moment last. Photography is a complex field of emotion.

The Yellow Van

Fonsi, with his steady and humble attitude, has taken me to beautiful places, allowing me to fall asleep with a view of the stars, mediating encounters I would have never made, helping me to see life as an expression of opportunity and abundance.

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