Walking through Athens in Summer is beautiful.
The Greeks celebrate it as if its return was unwarranted. In a country with 300 days of sunshine.
Life spills out onto the tiny, crooked alleyways in the historical center – Monastiraki, Plaka, and Psyri. A table to sit down with a cold drink is always in reach, the smell of fresh food lazily lingers in the air. All ages gather as the sun speaks out an invitation to all.
A true gem of the city is Anafiotika.
Widely ignored by tourists, it lies nestled against the Acropolis.
The bright white walls bake in the sun, plants are carefully placed in the bends of the narrow footpaths like bursts of color.
Everything here is quiet and intimate. Like entering someone’s living-room for the first time, full of memories, collected over a long period of time.
Fine details on walls and doors speak of care and affection for the place called home.
On the way down, I saw this couple.
Gentle and loving, they were floating in a world of their own making.
Unaware of my presence, I took this snapshot.
Feeling guilty and happy at the same time.
Guilty on account of my intrusion, happy for making the moment last.
Photography is a complex field of emotion.

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