There is a shipwreck, steeped in myth and legend, around Gytheio.
Of course, we had to go see it for ourselves and chase the ghosts of the past.
The ship, named Dimitris, had found its final resting place on Valtaki Beach, a 15-minute drive out of town.
Almost 60 meters long, he was a very impressive sight.
Lying on the beach, motionless, with the incoming waves breaking on his rusty carcass, people visit here only to behold his sight.
He had become the silent ruler of the coastline, despite the inherent sense of tragedy.
Having arrived, at last, in his dominion, after losing his direction in the freedom of the waves.
As I was sitting there, pondering, a father with his three children arrived.
They stood there for some time, contemplating the remnants of the ship.
Fascinated by its unsettling beauty, somewhere between defeat and destiny.
Moments passed without a stir before the heavy steel released them.
Then they turned around and the father taught his children how to swim.

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