Simos Beach

The truly spectacular location on Elafonisos is Simos Beach in the South, only 10 min by car from the very North. Yes, it is a very small island. 😉
White sand beaches engulfed by the sea’s infinite shades of indigo and turquoise fall nothing short of the post card idyll of the Caribbean – although a comparison seems inappropriate.
What strikes one first upon arrival is the sonorous chirping of the crickets. Like a symphony conducted by summer, invisibly performed.
Of all the pictures I took there, this one stands out to me.
Because, to me, it is a warm, unspoken invitation to explore and unravel, with love in your heart, the marvels of our world.
Be it as majestic as a sunset or as wondrous as the sound of a cricket. Things big or small, close or far away. Life is everywhere and its creativity overwhelming.
All it takes is a second look, a second thought, a short wavering about something we have the illusion of being familiar with. Familiarity, the assumption of knowing anything, is the death of marvel and discovery.
The journey of discovery, therefore, starts within. With the admittance that our view is limited. With a willingness to look again. With the acceptance that there is more than a familiar surface.
Moving from appearance to essence.

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