Monemvasia – Greece

#Monemvasia is an old fortress in the south of the#Peloponnese. It was founded in 583 by the inhabitants of the mainland to seek refuge from the Slavic and Avaric invasions of Greece. It remained in the Byzantine Empire until 1460 and served as an important trade outpost.

It is situated on a small island, connected to the mainland by a short bridge. You enter through a small stone gate and walk around a little bend that opens up into the main footpath. 

It takes a moment to adjust to the feeling of having just traveled 1000 years back in time. Small alleyways squeeze through skew clay buildings like blood vessels, all connected, always leading back to the very first step taken in this awe-inspiring, medieval gem.
No cars have ever entered here, neither scooters nor bikes.

The air carries the scent of wet clay mixed with the traveling salt of the seas, cooled by century-old rocks in their silver-grey attire.

The warm, earthy colours of the buildings reflect the intimate relationship of Monemvasia with the ground it was built on while lasciviously glowing bougainvillea add splashes of deep, saturated reds. As if placed there by the enthusiastic brush of a painter falling in love with his moderate self.
Monemvasia really took my breath away.#instagreece #great_greece #wonderlustgreece#visitgreecegr #nature_greece #greeceis#instagreece #welovegreece_ #nikongreece#hellas.greece #discover_greece_ #yellowvanstories#greece #travel #travelphotography



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