“Yaya” at Limenaria – Agistri

Vicky and I rented a scooter to explore the little island of #Agistri, which takes hardly more than an hour to circumnavigate.

We got off in the little village of Limenaria to take some photos of buildings bathed in the late sun when we heard voices and footsteps right behind us. 

This beautiful old lady was walking along the narrow, curvy road with, what appeared to be, her two daughters, with an air of someone who has spent their entire life here – knowing every stone, every bedrock, every flaking wall. 

Energetically ushering her daughters along, on the way to an event that could be remedied by her alone. Moving with the grace of wisdom and the steadiness of age.
Before I knew it, she had moved past me and was about to disappear behind the next bend. I awkwardly called out to her…without avail. Only her daughters heard my mediocre plea and slowed their hurried steps. 

Vicky, aware of my Greek language skills, smilingly asked the lady if I could take a photo of her. For a moment it seemed, the urgency of her errand forbade such mitigation.
But then she smiled, throwing back her head, like maidens do when flattery and innocence are met, and gave to me this moment and her beauty as a gift.

Assured with my content, her busy air returned, and soon she disappeared. Her daughters following and life approaching.

#greece #travel #tourism #attika #athens #yellowvanstories #greecetourism #instagreece#limenaria


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