The Art of Transforming a Flag

He had recognised something in German policy and its people at the time; in their attitude and priorities. Their desire to relieve suffering first and to find solutions later. In this context, therefore, for a fleeting moment, the flag had become a symbol of this universal attitude. To me, at least. And to my own surprise.


The Doves of Galata

Through you, I see more clearly a future that will serve us better. Through you, my choice of self-expression has matured. I am grateful to you for the path this has created in my life. A path leading in the opposite direction of your own, but in the place we both call home. I do not claim to be better than you, only to have other hopes for our future. A future inspired by the doves of Galata. How beautiful it is to see them fly!


On the way down, I saw this couple. Gentle and loving, they were floating in a world of their own making. Unaware of my presence, I took this snapshot. Feeling guilty and happy at the same time. Guilty on account of my intrusion, happy for making the moment last. Photography is a complex field of emotion.

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